Parent Testimonials

We are pleased to share the wonderful words by parents of the children we’ve cared for and some we continue to care for.

“I’m pleased with the care my daughter receives.  The staff is genuinely concerned about each and every child and shows it.  My daughter enjoys going and participating in daily activities.”


“Daystar has been a life saver for my family! My daughter has been attending Daystar for 3 years. I couldn’t be more pleased with the care she has received. We love the staff everyone there is just wonderful!”


“Being a mother to an infant child, I was worried about finding quality care for my daughter, but Daystar has put my mind to ease in regards to this. The facility is very clean and organized, not to mention they have a team of skilled and friendly staff! They are also great with incorporating learning into the daycare experience along with logging all activities. I must also note that Daystar is serious about the safety and protection of your child. I like that a code is needed to get in the door, but also a fingerprint check-in and checkout is required. These are just a few things that keep Daystar my #1 and only choice. My daughter absolutely loves it there! I give them a brimming 4 stars!!! I highly recommend them!!”


“The biggest impression has been hearing Keegan, at 2.5 years old, reciting a grace at mealtime.  Since our children have to attend daycare, it has been a blessing finding a place that continues to instill the values we have as a family.”